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Experience » 2013 Croftgate Show @ Space Coast Harley Davidson

What a great show. Weather was beautiful, cars were awesome, and if you have never been to Space Coast Harley Davidson you have got to check it out. That place is huge and has bikes galore. The inside of the building is dumbfounding. All and all we got some awards for Best interior in our Nissan 370Z belonging to TonynJeanette Goyco, 5th place in best of 20 with our red 1989 Chevy Pickup we did the lighting and dash mods in, 6th in best of 20 with his wifes Chevy Monte Carlo Earnhardt edition, and Nick Callinan won the 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to AVID which is a charity to help children. Thanks to everyone for helping us put this together last minute. Its all your support that keeps us growing this new family. Enjoy.


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